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Welcome to Harthad's, your definitive guide for everything Tolkien, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Narnia and Redwall. Visit the forum for some discussion with fans like you, The Hobbit section for updated news about the upcoming movie, the photo gallery for pictures that are being added almost every day or our new fanfiction archive to read tales and poems. Enjoy your stay!

New Affiliate!
And we have yet another new affiliate! :D Please welcome LotR Fans.

Also, underneath the music player on the homepage, there are several banners that pop up. They change every time you reload the page, and they advertise pages on this site. By clicking on one of the pictures, you can go to that specific page.
Posted on 28 Jun 2011 by Harthad
LotR Extended Edition Blu-ray Release
It is today that the long-awaited Extended Edition trilogy comes out in Blu-ray. :) Also, for those who live in the US, The Return of the King SE will be playing in many theaters tonight.
Posted on 28 Jun 2011 by Gladhaniel
New Affiliate!
We have another new affiliate! Merin Essi Ar Quenteli is owned by Dreamingfifi, who helped me out with the Elvish Names page. Thanks! :D
Posted on 27 Jun 2011 by Harthad
Banners, Stories and Page Titles
I've reorganized the Banners and Misc. Banners pages so that all the small banners are on one page, and the bigger banners are on pages of their own. So you'll see that both sections have significantly shrunk. :) Go here to see the new LotR Banners and here to see the new Misc. Banners. In my opinion, they're all much, much better than my previous work. There are also several new stories and poems, all by me. :) View the page here. With help from Dreamingfifi (Merin Essi Ar Quenteli), all errors on the Elvish Names page are gone. :) And lastly, I've re-worked the page titles so that they say something like, "Blah Blah Blah:". :D
Posted on 27 Jun 2011 by Harthad
Pictures and Forum Updates
Aerena100 has been kind enough to let me use her pictures of cats (made from clay) dressed as members of the Fellowship. So far, there's only Gandalf, Legolas and Gimli. See them here. Also, I've updated the RPGs section to include two of our newest ones, the Doctor Who and the Random RPG. There is a biography about Elijah Wood now in The Hobbit section. View it here. So far we only have three bios, including Mr. Wood's, and I am accepting more! So if you have anything to contribute, in that section or otherwise, please email me.

Okay, forum updates. I added three new languages: American English, Polish and Spanish. :) I also added four new smilies: two birthday ones, a cat and an owl. Just cos. :D And I also added new rank images that fill up as you increase your post count. :)

If you would like to join the forum, click here. And that's all for now. :)
Posted on 25 Jun 2011 by Harthad

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