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Welcome to Harthad's, your definitive guide for everything Tolkien, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Narnia and Redwall. Visit the forum for some discussion with fans like you, The Hobbit section for updated news about the upcoming movie, the photo gallery for pictures that are being added almost every day or our new fanfiction archive to read tales and poems. Enjoy your stay!

More Banners
More banners! Yay! Yeah, I forgot to upload some Phantom banners that I made, so here I am. View them here.

And, I also joined a new topsite. It's called Tolkien Top 100. You can go there by clicking on the little picture up at the top of this page. :) Vote for me!
Posted on 18 Apr 2011 by Harthad
Updating Pages
Wow, it's been a very busy day. I went on an editing-pages spree! Fun, right? So! I updated the Avatars page. Well, I didn't really update that particular page, I just added 3 more pages to it. :) Now you can see all the rest of my lovelies. Here's a sneak preview of what to expect:

I did the same with the banners page, too. Here are some of my favorites:

And guess what! I updated the Miscellaneous Avatars and Banners pages too! :o


And that's it for now. :) I'm still fixing up all the little things I missed, and then I'm going to scour the internet for LotR parodies. Links to LotR parodies. Thanks!

Posted on 18 Apr 2011 by Harthad
Polls and Counters and Guestbooks--Oh my!
Okay, first things first. I added a guestbook to the site. Now you can all contact me without commenting on the news, sending me an email, or PMing me on the forum. :) Second, there is now a counter below the left-hand navigation on the homepage. It reads 107 at this point, though I doubt that that's the real number of people who have visited. ;) Third, I added a poll to The Hobbit page. Please vote! Fourth, there's a CHAT ROOM! Yes, an actual chat room. I added it because 1) it looked cool, 2) people have been posting random stuff on the forum chat whenever someone's on and 3) it looked like it would drive people to the site. :) So please, whenever you are on, go the chat room, log in and keep it up for however long you are on, either the forum or anything else. I'll try to put it up whenever I go on, and that's basically everyday, so you'll know I'll be there. :D Thanks!
Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by Harthad
The Music is back!
To the left of your screen, you can probably see that the music player is now back up! All the songs are the same as before, except for one new addition: Bloodline of the Kings. That song is from Born of Hope, a LotR fan-film. I'm going to get the Links page up today, and reorganize the Affiliates page. I think that I'm going to combine the two. Speaking of which, we have a new affiliate! Please welcome Fair of Face, a Legolas fansite. I added the Birthdays page, the Humor page and The Hobbit page to the Navigation, so please check that out. I'll be adding cast from The Hobbit's birthdays soon. The Humor page is currently empty, so I would really appreciate it if you would send in entries. I'll be searching Google for pictures and stuff, but I wouldn't mind a parody or two. Well, just put the parodies in Archives of Westmarch (AoW), please. As always, you can email me or send me a PM on the forum. Thanks, and more Hobbit news coming soon!
Posted on 15 Apr 2011 by Harthad
New Page
Okay, I have a Hobbit page up, although I still need to add it to the links list. There's also a Birthdays page, a Humor page, and a list of the cast for The Hobbit. I'm going to add a Links page, and update the music player. Also, my friend has offered to make games for the site, so be looking for those in the next month or so. :)
Posted on 09 Apr 2011 by Harthad

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