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Welcome to Harthad's, your definitive guide for everything Tolkien, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Narnia and Redwall. Visit the forum for some discussion with fans like you, The Hobbit section for updated news about the upcoming movie, the photo gallery for pictures that are being added almost every day or our new fanfiction archive to read tales and poems. Enjoy your stay!

New Fanfiction Thingamagig
I installed a new Fanfiction thigamagig. You can submit stories and stuff to it. . .once I figure out how to get it working. :P I'm calling it a Fanfiction thingy because users will be able to submit Fanfiction (based on LotR only) to it and have their work read by other people. This is going to be used for LotR stories (and poems, ect.) only, please use the forum for your other work. Thanks! :D
Posted on 05 Mar 2011 by Harthad
Vote for me!!
I actually did this a while ago; just haven't bothered to tell anyone yet. My site is on Middle-earth Top 10. You can vote for me by clicking the picture on the homepage. It has Sauron's eye. I'm also nominated at Fair Lady of Rohan, and Planet Tolkien. Please vote for me! Thanks! :D
Posted on 21 Feb 2011 by Harthad
I've added 2 games to the site. One is hangman, which I'll be adding to sometime. Another is a picture puzzle! You have to piece together a picture of Frodo's face. :) Have fun!
Posted on 17 Feb 2011 by Harthad
ElwingAndEarendil (and I) came up with an awesome idea--a Middle-earth Survival Guide! It would feature all sorts of things based on Tolkien's works (mainly The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) including stories, character bios, photos, appendixes and other stuff like that. If you want to contribute, send me an email or post on the MESG part of the forum. :D
Posted on 16 Feb 2011 by Harthad
Several updates
Okay, this post is partly my fault because I've not been updating as I should, what with the homepage being all wibbly-wobbly and installing this and taking care of spammers on the homepage. So, first update. We have 3 new affiliates (and the fourth hasn't gotten back to me yet): Elves of Middle-earth, The Elfstone and Merry Elves of Middle-earth was made by ElwingAndEarendil, one of the RPG Mods on our forum. :) You can check their sites out on the Affiliates page. Next business: spammers!! :O Yes, I'm afraid it's true. Missmoose97 (other mod) and I have had to catch 5 spammers in the past. . .um. . .2 weeks? If you have any suggestions for me on how to stop this, please email me or pm me on the forum. Thanks!
Posted on 15 Feb 2011 by Harthad

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